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Ginna Estes 1 hour ago My company use to send this to me, but I tried a new product from another good Company and my supposably will do anything for you family company dumped me...Now I miss your great positive vibes1115 Potomac Ave Fredericksburg Virginia 22405 ... See MoreSee LessSUCCESS Magazine 3 hours ago "You are never going to lose… you are going to win or you are going to learn. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from your greatness.” ... See MoreSee LessSUCCESS Magazine 4 hours ago "Our life is what our thoughts make it." — Marcus Aurelius ... See MoreSee LessSUCCESS Magazine 6 hours ago 3. Use your built-in camera. We worry more about preserving the moment than enjoying it. Deeply engrained memories are created by engaging all of our senses. Create organic memories. ... See MoreSee LessSUCCESS Magazine 8 hours ago 13. “Keep away from those who try to...